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Petrie at Memphis

season work done publication
1908 Petrie's first season in Memphis, drawing a map and excavating the 'west hall', and many other smaller sites around the city (faience workshop) Petrie 1909a; the faience workshop is discussed in detail: Knobel/Midgley/Milne/Murray/Petrie 1911: 34-37, pls. XIII-XX
1908-1909 Excavation of the palace of Apries Petrie 1909 (see the distribution list)
1909-1910 Further work around the palace of Apries Petrie/Mackay/Wainwright 1910: 38-46 (distribution list)
1910 - 1911 Several small sites, recording many decorated Ramesside temple blocks and the foundations of a church that had been built from these blocks. Petrie 1911: 2-24, pls. XXVII-XXXI (see the distribution list 1910/1911)
1912 No published account of excavations, but reference to finds, of which the most important is perhaps the quartzite statue of the high steward Amenhotep (reign of Amenhotep III) with its long biographical inscription Petrie 1913: 32-36, pls. LXXVII-LXXX
1913 Digging a section of the great temple site of Ptah; excavations south of the temple of Ptah, foundations of Roman buildings. Petrie found a workshop for calcite vessels. in Engelbach 1915: 32-34, pls. LII-LXII



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