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Memphis: West hall of Ramesses II

finds from beneath the foundation (click on the image to see some of the finds)
Parts of a columned hall, of which only the lower levels of the stone walls survived. On the west there is a pylon with bases of colossal statues in front of it. The hall is orientated to the West and not to the East (the place of the river Nile). It seems likely that the whole temple originally was double-ended, with one entrance at the West (the 'West hall') and one entrance at the East, which might have been the main entrance.
part of a column from the 'West hall' (click on the images for a larger pictures)

The 'west hall' is one example of the basilica-like hall (a room, where the middle part is higher that the rest).
(click here for a schematic reconstruction)

the west hall today, click on the images for larger pictures
'West hall' at Memphis, today columns of the 'west hall' Memphis column of the 'west hall' Memphis



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