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The Teaching of King Amenemhat I

Extracts on hieratic ostraca in the Petrie Museum:

(1) Pottery ostraca from the Ramesseum, Thebes West:

(2) Limestone ostraca, probably all from Deir el-Medina,Thebes West

Other sources

Early Eighteenth Dynasty:

Four limestone ostraca from the Theban tomb of Senenmut (Hayes 1942: nos. 142 to 145 Guksch 1998: 285)

Ostracon found at Malkata (Leahy1978: no. 180)

Late Eighteenth or perhaps early Nineteenth Dynasty: Pottery vessel base from Amarna, published by Parkinson 1999: 221-226

Late Nineteenth Dynasty manuscripts:

Ramesside ostraca other than those in the Petrie Museum, cited in the Helck 1969 edition, pages 1-5:

Late Dynastic Period, papyrus fragment from Elephantine, Berlin 23045


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