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Lahun, a letter to Amenhotep IV

the letter is preserved in two copies:

UC 32782 front/back/transcription

UC 32783 front/back/transcription


The servant of the domain Ipy communicates to the Horus, strong bull with lofty double plume, wearer of the two diadems, great in rule in Ipetsut, Golden Horus, exalting crowns (?) in Anu of the South, King of Upper and Lower Egypt, living in Truth, lord of the two lands (Beautiful of the Beings of Re), Son of Re, living in Truth (Amenhotep, the god, ruler of Thebes), great in his duration, living for ever to eternity.

May Ptah of the beautiful countenance worth for thee, who created your beauties, your true father who raised (?) you from his house to rule the orbit of the Aten.... that he might slay for you (?) lands (and countries ?) with terror, that he might place them all under your feet. You are as sole lord like the sun ... when shineth in heaven; mayest you be for ever and ever in life (for) years of satisfaction.

A communication is this to the master l.p.h.! to give information: the temple of your father Ptah, south-of-his-wall. lord of Ankhtawy, is sound and prosperous: the house of Pharaoh, l.p.h., is flourishing: the establishments of Pharaoh, l.p.h.! are flourishing: the residence of Pharaoh, l.p.h.! is flourishing and healthy: the offerings of all gods and goddesses who are upon the soil (?) of Memphis are ... and complete, complete, there is delayed nothing from them.

The true, the pure, the acceptable, the praised and the desired, the sovereign, l.p.h.! the King of Upper and Lower Egypt, living in truth, lord of the two lands (Beautiful of beings of Re, the sole one of Re), Son of Re, living in truth, Amenhotep, the god, ruler of Thebes, great in duration, living for ever to eternity. It is a communication thereon.

Year 5, third month of Winter, 19th day.


Ipy - ipii - the high steward ipii is well-known from other sources. He is member of an important family. His father had the title 'high steward of Memphis'. He is still attested in Amarna and might have even still lived in the post Amarna period (list of monuments of Apy: Helck 1958: 485. no. 15).

Amenhotep - this is the last dated document with the name Amenhotep for the later king Akhnaten.



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