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The Horus name

The Horus name is the oldest attested name/title of Egyptian kings. The title consists of three elements: (1) palace facade; (2) Horus falcon standing on it and (3) the name of the king written within the palace facade frame.

Horus name of King Djet - First Dynasty
Horus name of King Khaba - Third Dynasty
Horus name of king Amenemhat II - Twelfth Dynasty
UC 16175 UC 15800 UC 11270

The writing of the title varies at the beginning of the First Dynasty; sometimes there is no Horus on the facade.

the name of an unknown king - perhaps Narmer - written in a palace facade; there is no Horus falcon
UC 16084

In the Second Dynasty there was a ruler - king Peribsen - who placed an image of the god Seth instead of the falcon on the palace facade. King Khasekhemwy who reigned shortly after placed both Seth animal and Horus falcon on the facade.

The name of king Khasekhemwy, on top of the palace facade there is the Seth animal and the Horus falcon (mostly broken away)
UC 11753

In later times the Horus name is written in horizontal inscriptions without the palace facade.

The Horus name of king written without palace facade, stela of Horemheb
UC 14391


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