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King Khasekhemwy
Last king of the Second Dynasty. Probably identical with king Khasekhem.

Tomb: Tomb V and funerary enclosure in Abydos: a large brick enclosure at Hierakonpolis may also be for the cult of this king.

A seal of the 'king's mother' Nimaathap was found in the tomb of Khasekhemwy. She is the mother of king Djoser (Third Dynasty). It is possible that she was the wife of Khasekhemwy, but the seal in his tomb is the only evidence for a connection between the two.

Further attestations:

UC 11754 (Petrie 1925: 7, pl. VIII.18, 'bought at Abydos')
UC 11753
UC 11754 UC 11753

Seal impressions from Abydos, UC 42981 (Kaplony 1963: fig. 269)

UC 42981



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