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Hawara in the Roman Period

In the Roman period Hawara became particularly important. The site around the pyramid of Amenemhat III (Labyrinth) seems to have functioned as the elite burial ground for the population of the Fayum, in particular of Arsinoe (Medinet el-Fayum). The place is today most famous for the mummy portraits, but there are many other important finds. Sadly Petrie did not record much about the context of most of the finds from his two seasons of excavation, 1888 and 1911. He describes in his notebooks and publications some of the tombs with the portraits in detail, but failed to do that for many other burials. Therefore the context of many objects from Hawara in the Petrie museum remains unknown.

cartonnage pieces from mummies
mummy labels
a girl's tomb?
gold 'tongues'
the architecture of the funerary chapels

a mummified head with cup | glass vessel | glass vessel | glass penis | bracelet


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