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Furniture in the Middle Kingdom (about 2025-1700 BC)
and Second Intermediate Period (1700-1500 BC )

Unlike the New Kingdom (about 1550-1069 BC) in the Middle Kingdom it was not the custom to place many objects of daily use, including furniture, into a tomb. Therefore we do not have much information about the furniture in this period. However there are some important exceptions (cosmetic boxes are for example common in tombs) and there are numerous depictions of furniture in 2d art. Many fragments of wooden furniture were found at Lahun, providing important details about construction and variety of types.

furniture found a Lahun
cosmetic boxes
ivory inlays of a box
UC 14358, stela Middle Kingdom
UC 6741
UC 8605, headrest found at Sedment
3d reconstruction of a simple box
UC 18858, ivory inlays of a box, found at Lahun



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