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Lahun: furniture or parts of furniture

furniture, probably late Middle Kingdom (about 1850-1700 BC) though a later date is also possible
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wooden box, veneer
stuccoed box
lid of box with holes for dowels
UC 6741, wooden box found at Lahun stuccoed box, found at Lahun UC 7374, lid of box found at Lahun

part of folding stool
veneer from an angle bracket.
UC 7457i, part of folding stool, Lahun
UC 7115, veneer from a angle bracket. Lahun
UC 7112, furniture bracket, Lahun
UC 7113, furniture bracket, Lahun
turned lid
leg of a stool
leg of a stool
UC 7122, turned wooden lid, Lahun
UC 7123, wooden lid, found at Lahun
UC 7124, lid from Lahun
UC 7339, leg of a stool, from Lahun
UC 7365, leg of a stool


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