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Faience in the Third Intermediate Period
(note: some of these objects may belong to the late New Kingdom (about 1250-1069 BC))

Objects made in Faience; note in particular the fragments of relief decorated faience stemmed cups ('chaliceds'), which are a highlight of artistic production in the Third Intermediate Period. Small amulets, often very fine figures of deities, also show the high level of faience working.

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parts of vessels

UC 14557 UC 16152 UC 14556 UC 6616, fragment of a faience vessel, found at Lahun UC 28683


In the 22nd Dynasty open worked faience objects became common; especially jewellery is often very intricate in design and execution.

unknown provenance
from Kafr Ammar
Lahun, without exact provenance
Kafr Ammar tomb 380
UC 52451
UC 37471
UC 6941
UC 37140

other objects (note: UC 45137 and 45147 may be New Kingdom in date)

UC 45437 UC 38096 UC 45137 UC 16481, fragment of statue base UC 45147

Further reading:

Spurr/Reeves/Quirke 1999: 37-54 (exhibition catalogue with many important faience objects of the Third Intermediate Period from the Myers Museum at Eton)


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