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Wahibre (Greek Apries) Haaibre
(589-570 BC)

King of the Twenty-sixth Dynasty. He supported Levantine rulers against the growing empire of Babylon, which became very strong at this time. The captivity of the Jews (capture of Jerusalem and deportation of the population to Babylon) occurred during the reign of Apries (in 586 BC): many managed to flee to Egypt, where they settled at Elephantine, among other places. In 570 the king supported a local leader in Cyrene in struggles against Greeks. The king sent his general Ahmose, but the latter then declared himself king. Apries went into exile, and returned with a Babylonian army, but was defeated. Apries was killed, but Ahmose buried him as king in Sais.

Horus name: Wahib
Nebty name: Nebkhepesh
Golden Falcon name: Swadjtawy
Prenomen: Haaibra
Nomen: Wahibre

Burial place: Sais

Attestation in the Petrie Museum:

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shabti (Petrie 1935: no. 570)
handle (Petrie 1917 : pl. LVI.26.4.2)
palace at Memphis
UC 38081, shabti
UC 16424
Palace of Apries, plan

Further Attestations:



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