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Senusret (III) Khakaure (Sesostris III) (1872-1853 BC)

Important king of the Twelfth Dynasty. He led many campaigns against Nubia, and built a chain of forts to secure a new fixed southern border at the Second Cataract around Semna. There are fundamental changes during his reign in material culture and in the administration. There is a major overhaul of burial customs, with the disappearance of wooden models and an end to the custom of writing extensive rituals and other funerary literature on coffins (Coffin Texts). The country became more centralised; the provincial centres declined in importance, as is reflected in the cemeteries - great rock cut tomb chapels are no longer cut for the highest officials of the provinces; by contrast, cemeteries in the Fayum-Lisht region (around the Residence of the kings) grew in scale and wealth.

Horus name: Netjerkheperu
Nebty name: Netjermesut
Golden Falcon name: Kheper
Prenomen: Khakaure
Nomen: Senusret


Burial place: Pyramid in Dahshur; tomb in Abydos


Attestations in the Petrie Museum:

cylinder seal from Harageh tomb 602
UC 6392, cylinder seal found at Harageh
UC 14635, statue of Senusret III

compare: hymns to Senusret III

Further Attestations:



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