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Mentuhotep (IV) Nebtawyre

King of the Eleventh Dynasty. Mainly known from rock (expedition) inscriptions, including those left by a Wadi Hammamat expedition, led by his vizier Amenemhat, with extraordinary descriptions of 'miracles' in the desert (rain storm and gazelle birth on the block to be quarried for the sarcophagus of the king). The omission of the king on later kinglists and the accession of a king Amenemhat I after him have encouraged modern speculation that his vizier replaced him on the throne (sometimes this is portrayed as usurpation): however, there is no direct evidence for this.

Horus name: Nebtawy
Nebty name: Nebtawy
Golden Falcon name: Netjerunebu
Prenomen: Nebtawyre
Nomen: Mentuhotep


Burial place: Thebes (?)




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