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Burial customs: Third Intermediate Period

Elite Burials

There is a wide range of tomb types for elite burials. At Thebes many officials were buried in vast galleries together with many other people. In the North, the kings, members of the royal family and some high officials were buried in small tomb chambers built within a temple enclosure. In the Twenty-second Dynasty small chapels became popular.

Elite burials of the Twenty-first Dynasty

funerary papyri
canopic jars
Osiris figures
UC 55138
UC 39939
UC 14226
UC 14238
UC 30576, wooden Osiris figure

Elite burials after the mid Twenty-second Dynasty

The burial equipment is largely reduced; there are no shabtis, funerary papyri or canopic jars anymore.

UC 16022
UC 71074

for burials of lower classes see tombs at Matmar



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