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God's wife of Amun: Shepenwepet II, daughter of Piy

Fragment of a basalt statue, maybe from Thebes. Shepenwepet II was the daughter of Piy - the name of her mother is not known. She was adopted by Amenirdis I and was in office from about 700 BC (reign of Shabako or Shabitko). There are several buildings of her in Karnak, a chapel in Medamud and a funerary chapel at Medinet Habu (which was finished by Amenidis II. She adopted Amenirdis I (daughter of Taharqo). In year 9 of Psamtek I (656 BC) she and Amenirdis adopted Nitokris (I), daughter of Psamtek I, as successor. Shepenwepet II died about 639 BC.

UC 14745

UC 14745

Statue base of the 'chief royal unguentmaker' (Hry mDHty niswt) of the house of the Divine Adoratrice Akhetimenipetru.

In front of the feet is written: Words spoken, O Osiris divine adoractrice Shepenwepet, true of voice, your sister Isis comes to you rejoicing through love of you when she sees you. When your steps approach (?) her, she protects you. You should not drown. She (gives) for you breath for your nostrils that you may live, the Osiris (...) Shepenwepet, true of voice, king's daughter of Piy.

Stewart 1983: no. 129


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