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Lahun (Bashkatib)

(click on the red tombs- Early Dynasty or blue tomb - Late Period for further information)

after: Petrie/Brunton/Murray 1923: pl. XL

Some Tombs

a tomb with a beautiful limestone vessel, tomb 709
a typical tomb of the Second Dynasty, tomb 806

a tomb reused in the Third Intermediate Period or Late Period, tomb 747

Excavator: Flinders Petrie/Time of Excavation: 1920 or 1921

Petrie/Brunton/Murray 1923: "At this end the cemetery (of Lahun) is much earlier than the rest, and is close to the station of Bashkatib, it is here named from that, to distinguish it. ... Though this cemetery is not extensive, only 104 graves being noted, and several of those entirely bare, it is yet important for its short period-of the first three dynasties"


Petrie/Brunton/Murray 1923: 21-24, pl. XL (plan of the site), XLI-XLVI, LII-LIV.



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