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Lahun (Bashkatib) Tomb 709

Dating: late First Dynasty to early Second Dynasty (about 3000 - 2800 BC)


Pottery types: 60e, 63g, 63h, 63h2, 63j, 63p, 64a, 64e, 64h, 64h, 67j, 67j, 67k, 68m (Petrie/Brunton/Murray 1923: 22: "... 709 has a great lengthening of the plain pit, to hold jars of offering. The bottom layer is of 149 jars, the next layer of 129, and on the top 48, a total of 326 jars; this was merely a matter of display, as the contents were not offerings but merely mud, ashes, or sand")

Calcite vessels: 6r, 8x, 9n, 9b, 13p, 13v, (vessel in the Petrie Museum: 16), 22j, 24n

The tomb register mentioned cloth. The body of the dead was put with the head to the north. No drawing of a plan is published or available in the notebooks or tombcards.

Plan and section of the tomb reconstructed from description.

Measurements 152 x 596 x 152 (depth) cm

Bibliography: Petrie/Brunton/Murray 1923: 22, pl. XLV (tomb register)



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