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Ptolemy (II) Philadelphos (Ptolemaios) 282-246 BC

Ptolemy II had a joint reign with his sister and wife Arsinoe II, dominated on the military front by several wars in Syria. The Ptolemaic empire reached its greatest extent in this reign. Building activity was concentrated on Alexandria; the lighthouse, one of the seven wonders of the world was finished under the king, and he, rather than Ptolemy I, may have been the patron behind the establishment of the Mouseion and its library. The king founded a chain of harbour towns along the Red Sea coast, supporting trade with India and Arabia.

Horus name: Hunuqeni
Nebty name: Werpehti
Golden Falcon name: Sekhaensuitef
Prenomen: Weserkare Meryamun
Nomen: Ptolemy

Burial place: Alexandria

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