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Naukratis: the 'Great Temenos'

A great structure in the south of Naukratis was identified by Petrie as the 'Hellenion', mentioned by Herodotus. Further research revealed that this was the temple enclosure for 'Amun, lord of Batet'. The stone temple had disappeared but the mud structures around it were still standing about 10 m high when Petrie arrived. The complex seems to have been built under Nectanebos I, the main gateway/pylon was built in the early Ptolemaic Period indicated by foundation deposits with the name of Ptolemy II at the gateway. The function of the huge mud-brick platform in the south of the enclosure is problematic. Petrie thought that it was a fort, while Muhs 1994 argued that it is a secondary temple, typical for Late Period temple complexes. Spencer 1996: 56-58 argued from parallels (notably the evidence from Tell el-Balamun) that such structures built on a casemate foundation were fortifications.

plan of the 'Great Temenos' with the fortress in the southern part.

the great temenos at Naukratis, plan


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