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Piy (Piankhi) (about 746-715/713 BC)

King of the Twenty-fifth Dynasty. First Napatan king to rule over Egypt: the campaign in which he defeated his enemies in Egypt is vividly described in the Egyptian hieroglyphic inscription on a great stela set up at the Amun temple in Gebel Barkal. It is not certain to what extent he controlled all regions of Egypt following this conquest.

Horus name: Zematawy
Nebty name: Mes-hemut
Golden Falcon name: Sasha-qenu
Prenomen: Usermaatre
Nomen: Piy


Burial place: el-Kurru


Attestations in the Petrie Museum:

UC 40089 Mentioned on the shabti of the 'Divine Adoratrice' Shepenwepet I .

Further Attestations:


wife: Tabiry


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