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(Tell el Amarna, el-Till el-Amarna, Egyptian: Akhet-Aten)

(2738' N 3053'E)

The capital city of king Akhenaten (about 1351-1334 BC), founded in his 6th year. The city was abandoned shortly after the king died.

map of Amarna, published by Petrie;
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UC 2277
cuneiform tablet from Amarna
UC 1471
map of Amarna
UC 2236, Amarna shabti
Amarna house


The Amarna period | the decoration of the houses and palaces | calcite vessels | Mycenaean pottery | wine labels | the 'house of life' | translation of the boundary stelae | the Great Hymn to Aton | 3D model - main temple and boundary stelae

research and excavations at Amarna:


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