MBPhD Programme


KWAN, Antonia PY



Current Position:

Qualified 2006

PhD title:

"Plasticity in gene expression programmes of dendritic cells responding to pathogens and derived components"

Principal Supervisor:

Paul Kellam

Funding Source:

Triangle Trust ( University of London), ORS Award (Universities UK)

Description of Project:

Dendritic cells are orchestrators of the immune response, and direct innate and adaptive immunity through a process of maturation that is triggered by interaction with foreign pathogens. Using microarray technology we investigated the global gene expression programmes of dendritic cells (DCs) responding to Influenza virus and Rhinovirus, and found both core antiviral responses as well as differential virus-specific responses that result from viral interaction with dendritic cells both on the level of the cell surface and intracellular viral replication. Additionally, maturation of dendritic cells induced by virus exposure renders such DCs less effective antigen presenting cells. This work contributes to the understanding of the level at which the immune response can be manipulated by such viruses, and offers much scope for future study.

Kellam P, Kwan A. (2005) Plasticity of dendritic cell transcriptional responses to antigen. Immunoinformatics: Opportunities and Challenges of Bridging Immunology with Computer and Information Sciences. Kluwer Plenum 2005

PubMed-accessible Publications:

Kellam,P., Holzerlandt,R., Gramoustianou,E., Jenner,R., & Kwan,A. (2003) Viral bioinformatics: computational views of host and pathogen. Novartis.Found.Symp., 254:234-47; discussion 247-52., 234-247.