MBPhD Programme





Current Position:

Qualified 2006

PhD title:

"Lentiviral vectors as tools for gene manipulation"

Principal Supervisor:

Prof Chris Boshoff

Funding Source:


Description of Project:

RNA interference (RNAi) is a novel technique to manipulate gene expression. It involves targeting mRNA for degradation using sequence specific RNA molecules, and so can be tailored for a range of purposes such as inhibiting viral infection, studying gene pathways and inhibiting cancer growth. We used RNAi, delivered with lentiviral vectors based on HIV-1, to inhibit three genes expressed in the latent life cycle of Kaposi's Sarcoma Associated Herpesvirus (KSHV/HHV-8). The effects of this were evaluated both in vitro and in vivo, and these data suggested that RNAi has potential as a therapeutic against virally driven cancers.

PubMed-accessible Publications:

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