MBPhD Programme


ADLER, Sophie


Sept 2014

Current Position:

(2018/19) Post PhD: MBBS Year 6 - Preparation for Practice

PhD title:

Cortical morphology and MRI signal intensity analysis in paediatric epilepsy

Principal Supervisor:

Dr Torsten Baldeweg, Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, Institute of Child Health

Funding Source:

The Rosetrees Trust

Description of Project:

The detection of focal epileptic lesions on MRI is still challenging in many cases and subtle lesions can escape from expert conventional visual analysis (CVA). Automated image-processing methods such as surface- and voxel-based morphometry (VBM) have been reported to improve the detection of such lesions. In this project I propose to examine the cortical folding pattern in comparison with CVA and VBM, and to investigate whether the quantification of sulcal and gyral anomalies can be a sensitive method to help detecting focal epileptic lesions on MRI. In addition, I wish to investigate whether cortical folding analysis (CFA) can also detect more widespread developmental alterations of cortical development in children with early-onset epilepsy in comparison with reference data from healthy control children.



Awards & Prizes: