Suggestions for writing the 'justification for costs' of archiving data with CAVA into grant applications

CAVA deposit is open to UCL human communication researchers, who are advised to talk to the CAVA team if planning a data-collecting project.

Rationale for archiving data in CAVA:

  • This data will be re-usable by other researchers for further analysis – this is recommended by funding bodies, because of cost and time-effectiveness of using available data for future projects for which consents have already obtained
  • The UK Data Archive does not routinely offer a video archive service
  • CAVA offers advice and guidance at planning stage (no charge for this)

The following aspects must be considered when archiving data:

  • Preparing/checking metadata;
  • converting files to appropriate formats;
  • ingest into archive and navigation-building;
  • general administration of data once in archive;
  • storage costs.

For an appropriate contribution to storage costs, contact the CAVA team.

Here is one worked example to help you estimate staff costs:

For 100 files, or 100GB of recorded data:
Preparing/checking metadata incl training for project team: 10 hrs
Converting files: 35 hrs
Ingest (including building browsing): 35 hrs
Admin including new users: 8 hrs
Approximate total person hours = 88 hours
@ UCL Grade 7 SP 29 (this is the minimum salary for a suitably skilled research assistant), currently (August 2013) £21.26 / hour.
Total person cost = £1870.00

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