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Conversation is the means by which we learn to talk and influence the world around us.

To access CAVA you need to apply for a user licence by contacting the Project Officer.

The CAVA (human Communication: an Audio-Visual Archive) Repository is a digital video repository to support the work of the international human communication research community. This resource enhances the discoverability and re-usability of expensively-created, specialist video content, for the benefit of the community of human communication researchers worldwide.

The CAVA repository houses data including

  • young typically-developing children
  • children with hearing impairments
  • children with language impairments
  • people with aphasia
  • the British Sign Language Corpus

CAVA is a collaboration between several UCL Departments and Research Centres and the UK Data Archive (UKDA).

The original CAVA project was co-funded by UCL and the JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee, UK). CAVA ran from 01 April 2009 to 31 August 2010. For more information, see About CAVA or read the final project report.

Video resources in the CAVA repository are described using a subset of the IMDI metadata standard. Transcripts and other supporting material, where available, are deposited alongside the videos. Access to the repository content is restricted to bona fide researchers.