Acknowledgement and citation

CAVA users are requested to acknowledge the repository and cite CAVA data sets in any research publications and other outputs drawing on CAVA data.


An acknowledgement is a general statement giving credit to the source and distributor and includes copyright information. It can be given at the start of, or within, the text, or at the end of the article before the bibliographic references/citations. You can find the appropriate details in the full CAVA records. Please include:

  • The project ID and title
  • The research funder or sponsor
  • The name of the CAVA repository and its web address ( )
  • A short copyright statement

Acknowledgement example

Research based on data collected for the TSA2007/05 (The evaluation of a novel conversation-focused therapy for agrammatism) project would be acknowledged as follows:

"The data in this article were collected for the following project: Evaluation of a novel conversation-focused therapy for agrammatism (TSA2007/05), at University College London, funded by the Stroke Association, and supplied by the CAVA repository. The data are copyright."


A citation is more formal than an acknowledgement. It follows a standard format and should include enough information so that the exact version of the data being cited can be located. New standards for citing data are emerging, and will depend on the preferred style of the journal or publisher. The UK Data Archive has published some helpful guidance on citing data.

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