John Foster Barham

MP (Whig)


His father brought him in for Stockbridge at the 1820 general election. Barham opposed the Liverpool government on most major issues and supported Catholic claims. Retired at the dissolution in 1826. He was elected again for Stockbridge in 1831 and supported the Grey ministry’s reform bill. He also did not oppose the extinction of Stockbridge by the 1832 Reform Act. Although he stood for Westmoreland in 1832 as a supporter of Grey and the Whigs he was defeated by the Tory Lowther interest. But he was elected for Kendal, 17 February 1834. He was an idle MP: he was mainly absent from 1834 onwards and had previously done little in Parliament. Re-elected for Kendal at the 1835 general election but by 1836 reported that he was under medical superintendence and in March 1837 he was certified by a commission of lunacy as of ‘unsound mind’.


James Owen, 'Barham, John Foster (1799-1838)' forthcoming in the History of Parliament Online 1832-1868

Elections / Constituences

Stockbridge Hampshire
1820 - 1826 
Stockbridge Hampshire
1831 - 1832 
Kendal Westmorland
1834 - 1837