Matthew Gregory Lewis

MP (Pittite Tory / West India interest)


Dates of tenure as MP are assumed to be dates of start to dissolution of Parliament of Sept. 1796 - June 1802.

Returned for Hindon on the Calthorpe interest. (William Beckford ignored the pleas of Lewis’s uncle, Robert Sewell (also a West India proprietor), for his interest at Hindon.)

Supported Pitt but admired Fox and according to his friend Lord Holland, he ‘supported the minister and the French war [but] He inculcated in his writings opinions which led to a directly opposite conclusion’. Cited in Thorne.

Played little part in Parliament.

Thorne, House of Commons, 1790-1820, vol. IV.

Elections / Constituences

Hindon Wiltshire
1796 - 1802