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Wim Bogle is listed as an awardee of the compensation for the enslaved people on Golden Fleece in British Guiana, alongside Archibald and George Bogle (each of whom q.v.), cousins who were partners in Robert Bogle & Co. of Glasgow. This is the only award to Robert Bogle & Co. which includes William Bogle as an awardee, and no other evidence outside the compensation record for this award has been found to date of William Bogle as a partner in Robert Bogle. Identification is therefore tentative.

  1. The estates of Bell, Bogle and Company, Merchants and Commission Agents and of William Bogle and Frederick Augustus Bell as individuals were sequestrated 03/11/1840. William Bogle, the son of Archibald Bogle and Margaret N. Kennedy, and grandson of Michael Bogle, married a Jane Bell.


T71/885 British Guiana no. 198A&B

  1. London Gazette>/em> 19928 08/12/1840 p. 261; John Guthrie Smth and John Oswald Mitchell, Old country houses of the old Glasgow gentry, L. Gilmorehill

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Wm. Bogle

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£10,327 13s 7d

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Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Central Scotland, Scotland