Philip Dottin Souper

1803 - 13th Nov 1861

Claimant or beneficiary


Baptised Philippe Dottin 7 October 1803, the son of William Henry Souper and Amelia Ann née Reinagle. His father was an army officer, his mother was the daughter of Philip Reinagle, an animal, landscape and botanical painter.

He married Oriana Jane Reinagle in 1827 and they had 9 children (including Woodford Crowe (died 1848 age 14); Charles Edward (1842–1909); Frederick Abraham (1844- ); Sarah Johnston; Julia Ann ( -1863); Oriana Rachel; Jessie Georgiana; Jane Hassall; Frances Lloyd (died 1839 age 2).

Philip Dottin Souper became Colonial Secretary of Trinidad under Ralph James Woodford, Governor from 1813. Subsequently, he was both Secretary and Clerk of the Council of Trinidad until 1836.

By July 1836 he was back in England, based in London, and had become Secretary to the South Western Railway Company. 1839-1840 he was Secretary to the Eastern Coast of Central America Commercial and Agricultural Company. In 1845 he was Secretary to the Irish North Midland Railway, a company which went out of business in 1847.

In 1848 Souper was appointed Registrar of the Court of First Instance on Mauritius and Registrar of the Supreme Court from 1852. In 1857 he was appointed collector of internal revenue on Mauritius (which gave him an ex officio seat on the Mauritius Council).

He died very shortly after returning to England in November 1861.


Wikipedia: Philip Dottin Souper - a well-informed entry. We are grateful to Kelly Foster for her help with this entry.

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Philip D. Souper
Oriana Jane Reinagle
6 daughters; 3 sons
Colonial administrator

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£64 0S 1D

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Colonial Secretary
Court Registrar