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Lachlan is almost certainly a Macpherson from Badenoch in the central Highlands (the heartland of Clan Macpherson) – one of a group of Badenoch Macphersons operating in Jamaica. He is likely to be the same Lachlan Mcpherson who witnessed the will of Evan McPherson in 1839, and Evan was definitely from Badenoch. Lachlan was not an uncommon name, however, amongst the Macphersons, and therefore it is difficult to be certain.

It is possible that Lachlan was the son of John McPherson of Cluny plantation, deceased 1820. John's father was Captain Lachlan Macpherson of Cluny (Scotland), and the Highland tradition was to name the eldest son after the grandfather.

But he is more likely the son of John McPherson of Inverness, Manchester who was deceased by 1823. John’s estate (Inverness) is registered to Lachlan in 1825 and in 1826 he is recorded as guardian for sisters and brothers, as well as joint owner. Lachlan was probably older brother of Alexander McPherson who was joint owner from 1828 to at least 1832; though in 1839 Alexander is registered simply as guardian.


Will of Evan Macpherson, PROB 11/1932/347. See also estate information for Inverness estate in Manchester, Jamaica.

We are very grateful to David Tayor for compiling this entry.

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Lachlan M'Pherson

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