Samuel Denison

???? - 1796


Samuel Dennison [sic] of St Andrew Holborn was among a group of individuals purchasing, for a total of £15,000, annuities from John Mills secured on the latter's estates and enslaved people on Nevis in 1774, when for £250 he purchased two annuities of £25 p.a., one for his own life (aged 36) and that of Mary Price aged 13, daughter of Thomas Price of St Marylebone, and the other on the lives of the infant children (aged 6 and 3) of Henry Pares of St Clement Danes, dancing master. He had no apparent connection to the banking family of Joseph Denison (d. 1806) and William Joseph Denison (q.v.).

  1. Will of Samuel Denison gentleman [late of Featherstone Buildings but now] of Bedford Row [made in 1792] was proved 15/06/1796. He confirmed his marriage settlement under which £10,000 had been settled on his wife Lucy, together with an annuity of £160 p.a. which he (over) secured by instructing his trusts to buy what appears to be a further £10,000 in government stock. In the will he identified Thomas Price as his brother-in-law; and he left to Mary Gason his niece (who was also his co-residuary heir) 'the annuity of £12 10s which I purchased for her life of Mills and Swanston and which is charged on a plantation and estate of the said Mr Mills in the island of Nevis.' In codicil of 1795 he disinherited his nephew Samuel Price Denison, who had been a major beneficiary of the original will and co-residuary heir.


Common Records 1775-1776, British Library, EAP794/1/1/15, pp. 65-94.

  1. PROB 11/1276/157.

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