Nicholas Ray

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London merchant, and an annuitant to the Port Royal estate in Grenada. In 1775, when William Macintosh sold the estate to Thomas Baker, the price was reduced from £24,000 to £22,000 to reflect the agreed value of the annuity to Nicholas Ray secured on the estate.

  1. Will of Nicholas Ray of Chelsea Middlesex proved 10/10/1788. The will makes no mention of his annuity. It indicates a New York nexus, and his heir was his son Cornelius.


  1. PROB 11/1171/53.

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1775 [EA] - 1775 [LA] → Annuitant

Nicholas Ray of the City of London had an annuity of £275 p.a. secured on Port Royal which was valued at an agreed £2000 by the buyer and seller when William Macintosh sold the estate subject to the annuity to Thomas Baker for £22,000 in 1775.