Anthony Dessee

No Dates


Owner of one enslaved person in St Michael, Barbados, in 1829. Absent from the island at this date. "Free mulatto."

Possibly the Anthony Dessee who later became a large-scale plantation owner in Surinam.


T71/540 192.

"Anthony Dessé was - much more so than his predecessor Bent - a large plantation owner. In 1854 he owned three cotton plantations in Coronie and Nickerie: Leasowes & Clyde (steam, 322 slaves), Good Intent (141 slaves), and Inverness (56 slaves). In 1856 and 1857 he bought the cotton cotton plantation Sarah (steam, 300 slaves), and the sugar sugar plantation Paradise (steam, conveyor belts, 296 slaves), and finally in 1864 the large plantation Catharina Sophia (steam, 600 slaves) was bought in Saramacca. (v. Stipriaan, sources 1.4)" - translated from Dutch, [accessed 05/08/2020].

We are grateful to Douwe van der Zee for her assistance with compiling this entry.