Angus Fraser

???? - 1814


Partner in Angus and Evan Fraser, local partners in Berbice and Demerara affiliated with the Campbells, Fraser of Glasgow.

  1. 'April 20 [1814]. On his passage from Berbice to Demerara, Angus Fraser, Esq. merchant in Demerara, to the sincere regret of both these Colonies, where, by distinguished talents, liberality, and honour in business, and the warmest benevolence and generosity in private life, he was universally regarded, not merely with respect, but affection. Mr. Fraser, accompanied by four other gentlemen, was proceeding from Berbice to Demerara, in a schooner boat, which being overtaken by a sudden squall of wind, was upset, and, lamentable to relate, all the five thus prematurely perished.'


David Alston, Slaves and Highlanders, [accessed 06/10/2018].

  1. The Scots Magazine 1 September 1814, transcribed by Lisa Booth, [accessed 11/10/2018].

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Local partner
Campbells, Fraser
West India merchant - British Guiana  
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Partner in Angus and Evan Fraser, affiliated with Campbells,...