Major Christopher Hewetson

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Apparently resident slave-owner on Trinidad, dying by 1822. His wife Wilhelmina (1799-1882), possibly his second wife, died at Belle Vue Lismore Ireland in 1882 'sine prole'.


Miscellanea Genealogica et heraldica 4th series vol. IV (1912) p. 299. This source says that Wilhelmina Hewetson was wife to her cousin Major Christopher Hewetson of Felicity Hall 'in 1827'. The same source shows James, a son of Christopher Hewetson Esq. of Felicity Hall, baptised c. 1817 by his uncle Rev. Robert Hewetson, himself a Caribbean clergyman connected to a slave-owning family in Antigua through his own first wife Sarah Gilliard [?] Thomas.

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(2) Wilhelimina
With (1) James

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