William Stuart of Dominica

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Lieutenant-Governor of Dominica 1773-1774 and 1778 (when he signed the surrender of the island to the French) and part-owner of the Rosalie estate there in 1776. Possibly the same man as the William Stuart who was Governor of Tobago c. 1771 and/or the William Stuart who was shown as the purchaser of Lots no. 32 (200 acres) and no. 46 (300 acres) in Great River division (St Mary) in Tobago 15/05/1771 (both of which he still owned in 1773).

  1. 'Gov. Stuart' appeared as co-owner of several lots of land on Dominica c. 1773 with Chauvet & Co.


  1. John Byres, References to a plan of the island of Dominica as surveyed from the year 1765 and 1773 pp. 12-15.

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