Henry Smallwood senior

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Owner of Bromley in St Ann, Jamaica. Deceased by 1803. Apparently from a long-standing resident family: Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel Long the Speaker of the Jamaican House of Assembly (d. 1683), had married a Henry Smallwood of Jamaica in the early 18thC.

  1. Elizabeth Ann Smallwood, daughter of Mary Ryan, a "free quadroon woman", by Henry Smallwood junior [sic], was baptised in St Andrew 02/01/1781.

  2. Ellen and Mary Smallwood, "quadroon" children, daughters of Henry Smallwood, esq, of Bromley Pen, St Ann, were baptised 01/09/1791 in St Mary.

  3. Henry Smallwood senior and junior owned 37 enslaved people and 135 stock in St Ann in 1792.

  4. Henry Smallwood, esq, of St.Ann’s parish, bachelor, and Catherine Baillie of the same, spinster, were married 6/9/1793. They had three children: Henry Campbell (baptised 05/01/1795); Rosa Ann (born 12/05/1796 and baptised 20/09/1796); Susanna Henry (born 11/08/1799). The first two were baptised in St Ann, parents were "of Bromley Pen"; the third in Trelawny, parents "of St Ann".


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We are grateful to Paul Hitchings for his assistance with compiling this entry.

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Catherine Baillie
3 by Catherine Baillie; 3 reputed

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1803 [EA] - 1820 [LA] → Previous owner
1792 [EA] - → Owner

Possibly joint owner with Henry junior.