Campbell James Dalrymple

1791 - ????


  1. Resident slave-owner on Barbados, whose enslaved people were sold c. 1826. Probably Campbell James Dalrymple who was born in 1791 (christened and baptised 15 December 1791) and who married Rosina Ann Rebecca Walton in St Michael, Barbados, 8 June 1814. His parents were Hew and Mary Ann Dalrymple. They appear to have had the following children (4 daughters, 2 sons). [Years are of christening or baptism]: Elizabeth Rosina (1819- ); Ann Walton (1824- ); John Henry Manners Rutland (1827- ); James Pilgrim (1821- ); Harriet Farre (1817- ); Caroline Augusta Douglas (1823- ).

  2. In 1838, “Mr. Campbell James Dalrymple, now arbitrator in Surinam” was appointed as the British arbitrator in the mixed British-Spanish Court of Justice in Havana, Cuba, created by Treaty in 1835 for the abolition of the slave trade. In the Havana post, Dalrymple was succeeding “Mr Edward Wyndham Harrington Schenley” who in his turn was to succeed Dalrymple in the Surinam post.


  1. Family Search: Campbell James Dalrymple.

  2. Email from Robert Hutcheon 12/01/2021 sourced to British and Foreign State Papers, 1838-1839, Volume XXVII (London 1856) - page 238 (accessed online). Letter dated 17 July 1837 from Viscount Palmerston to James Kennedy, Esq.

We are grateful to Robert Hutcheon for his assistance with compiling this entry.

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Rosina Ann Rebecca Walton
4 daughters; 2 sons

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