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For some earlier background on the Dickson family and Davis Cove, see Decreet William Dickson Against John Dickson, [accessed 30/12/2016].

At Edinburgh the 24th day of June 1778 years Anent the summons raised and pursued before the Lords of Council and Session At the instance of William Dickson Brewer in Lasswade Against John Dickson of Salem Esquire in the Island of Jamaica Mentioning that the said John Dickson the pursuer's brother german having in the year 1770 sent over from Jamaica some of his children to the pursuer's care to be boarded educated and clothed he accordingly did so according to the most easy and reasonable rate As also did as factor for the said John Dickson disburse certain sums of money Anno 1770 in building a House for him at Hillhead in the parish of Cockpen and Shire of Edinburgh upon his property there by his special orders and did expend sundry other Sums upon his Accompt and in repairing the Brewery and other houses in and about the village of Lasswade belonging to the said John Dickson possessed by the pursuer in the year 1774 and 1777 that were absolutely necessary all of which is stated to the debit of the Accompt for the whole sums of money remitted by the said John Dickson to the pursuer and rents of Mr. Dickson's property possessed and received by the pursuer as mentioned in the said Accompt Current from year 1770 to 1777 both inclusive by which Accompt Current there arises a balance of £688/8s. Sterling due to the pursuer upon the 23rd day of August 1777 years. . .

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