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Alexander Robinson [given as Robertson] of Broad Street Buildings [City of London] claimed unsuccessfully for the compensation for the Spring Garden estate in Tobago, which was paid into the Chancery suit of Farquharson v Balfour. He was identified as the consignee of the estate in press reporting of the case, which names him as Alexander Robinson. To date, nothing further has been traced either of Alexander Robertson or Robinson at Broad Street Buildings, but he is probably the same man as the Alexander Robinson who claimed for the Rosalie estate in Dominica and whose brother Skeffington Robinson is known to have been of Broad Street.


T71/891 Tobago no. 22. See Times 07/11/1836 p. 3 for summary of case. Alexander Robinson was the consignee, Edward Ellice the first mortgagee and Neave the second mortgagee. Robinson's application to have the compensation applied to his current balance was vigorously rejected.

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Broad Street Buildings, City of London, Middlesex, London, England