Maxwell Hyslop

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Merchant of London and Kingston Jamaica, awarded the compensation for four enslaved people in Kingston.

  1. Bankruptcy in 1830 of Maxwell Hyslop of Tokenhouse Yard and Kingston Jamaica, partner with Wellwood Hyslop and late partner with Wellwood Hyslop and Edward Burton, carrying on trade in London and at Jamaica under Maxwell Hyslop & Co., and at Carthagena under the name of Wellwood Hyslop & Co., and with Pedro Villamil at Maracaybo Colombia under the name of Hyslops and Villiamil.    

  2. Hyslop was a sponsor and funder of Simon Bolivar.

  3. Maxwell Hyslop's son, also named Maxwell (1818-1878) became a partner in the Liverpool South and North American firm of his uncles Wellwood, Alexander and George Maxwell, each of whom left fortunes above £100,000.

  4. Death "On the 11th inst., at her house, Catherine-street, Liverpool, Mary, widow of the late Maxwell Hyslop, Esq., merchant, of Kingston, Jamaica."


Kingston no. 132.

  1. London Gazette, Issue 19966, 02/04/1841, p. 902.

  2. William F. Lewis, 'Simón Bolívar and Xavier Mina: A Rendezvous in Haiti', Journal of Inter-American Studies Vol. 11, No. 3 (Jul., 1969), pp. 458-465.

  3. W.D. Rubinstein, Who were the rich? MS, George Maxwell 1858/29 left £140,000; Alexander Maxwell 1867/68 left £148,536; Wellwood Maxwell 1867/69 left £187,730.

  4. Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser 24/11/1840

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£73 14s 8d

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1820 [EA] - → Other

Sold enslaved people to this grouping.

1817 [EA] - → Owner

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Senior partner
Maxwell Hyslop & Co.
West India & South America merchant  

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Tokenhouse Yard, City of London, Middlesex, London, England