Frere Pilgrim

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1758 [EA] - 1758 [LA] → Not known

The nature of the association of Frere Pilgrim with 'Applewhaite Frere' in 1758 is not yet known. Applewhaite Frere was minor in 1758, raising the possibility that there was another Applewhaite Frere active in Barbados at this time.

1817 [EA] - 1838 [LA] → Owner

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£3,509 1S 7D

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[Number of enslaved people] 108(Tot) 60(F) 48(M)  
[Name] Frere  

Figures from a list of whites and blacks in Christ Church, c.1758. The exact date of the list is not given; but internal evidence places it in or soon after 1758. The figures were given as 5 whites, and blacks as: men: 21; women: 37; boys: 27; girls: 23. [It is not clear why only 5 whites were given nor if the figure for blacks was comprehensive.] The listing was associated with Applewhaite Frere.

Barbados Department of Archives. RB9/3/4
[Number of enslaved people] 129(Tot) 62(F) 67(M)  

Return of John R. Best, his own property. Note that the return of female enslaved was given separately on pp. 553-55.

T71/521 38-40, 553-55
[Number of enslaved people] 137(Tot)  

Return of John Rycroft Best, his own property. Previously 137 enslaved.

T71/529 653-4
[Number of enslaved people] 142(Tot)  
[Name] Pilgrims  

Return of John Rycroft Best, his own property.

T71/536 9
[Number of enslaved people] 154(Tot)  
[Name] Pilgrim  

Return of John Rycroft Best, his own property.

T71/544 15
[Number of enslaved people] 155(Tot)  
[Name] Pilgrim  

Return of J. R. Best, his own property. The estate listed simply as Pilgrim in the 1832 Register.

T71/549 22
[Name] Frere Pilgrim  
[Size] 226  

Listed in Christ Church, property of Hutson.

Barbados 1913 list from the Hughes-Quere indexes transcribed at