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1823 [SY] - 1823 [EY] → Executor
1817 [EA] - 1821 [LA] → Owner
1820 [EA] - 1823 [LA] → Previous owner
1823 [EA] - 1823 [LA] → Executor
1826 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Owner

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£1,116 12S 4D

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[Number of enslaved people] 64(Tot) 34(F) 30(M)  
[Name] Belle View  

Return of Samuel Ames, his own property. Note that Ames made a separate return for 49 enslaved people he owned in Bridge Town. (q.v.)

T71/520 1-2
[Number of enslaved people] 51(Tot) 18(F) 33(M)  
[Name] [No name given]  

Return of Samuel Ames of slaves his own property. Note that this return includes both those on the Belle View estate and those listed by Ames in Bridge Town in 1817. Of the combined total of 113 in 1817, 62 of a total decrease of 67 were sold to Reynold A. Ellcock. However, note that the return by Ellcock in 1820 shows that he purchased 63 from Samuel Ames: T71/524, pp. 281-19.
Note that in 1823 there was a "Return of Thomas Goddard Ames the property of Samuel Ames deceased to whose Estate he is Qualified Executor": of the 51 in 1820 5 died, 13 were gifts to Sarah Ames, 3 were gifts to Thomas Goddard Ames, 2 were gifts to John (?James?), 24 were sold and 1, Quasheba aged 24, was manumitted. There were also 4 births, 3 of whom were sold. 1, Eleanor aged 9 months, appears to have been retained: there is no record of her being sold.
See also T71/529, pp. 1-2 (1823): Return of Thomas Goddard Ames, Executor, the property of the Estate of Samuel Ames, deceased. Previously 51 enslaved. Changes included the sale of enslaved to a number of different owners: Sarah Ames: 13; Thos. G. Ames: 3; John James: 2; John Herbert: 10; John Tynes: 1; Wm. R. Mann: 7; Edw. Wason: 2; Richard Reed: 1; Daniel Hunte: 1; John G. Reed: 2. Return was for 7 enslaved.

T71/524 1-3

Return of John Frere Pilgrim, Executor, the property of the Estate of Reynold Alleyne Ellcock, deceased. Zero return. Previously 58 enslaved. The returns shows that 36 were removed to Mount Wilton (q.v.) and 19 were sold to G. Wilson. There were also 3 deaths.

T71/529 203-4
[Number of enslaved people] 48(Tot)  

Return of John Lewis, his own property. See also return of Robert Jackman, pp. 310-11, for the sales of enslaved by Jackman to Lewis.

T71/534 351-2
[Number of enslaved people] 50(Tot)  
[Name] Belle Vue  

Return of John Lewis, his own property.

T71/541 4
[Number of enslaved people] 47(Tot)  

Return of John Lewis, his own property.
This must be the same as the Barbados claim 230 in the compensation records (though no estate name given in the latter).

T71/548 p. 15