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- 1779 [EY] → Owner
1821 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Owner

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£1,405 6S 8D

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[Name] Painters  

The will of William Gunthorpe of Paddington proved 05/10/1779 records an indenture of 1746 whereby William Gunthorpe created a term of 99 years in 'a plantation called Painters' to raise portions for his younger children, not to exceed £2500 if one, £4000 if more than one.

Vere Langford Oliver 'History of Antigua' Vol II p. 39
[Number of enslaved people] 101(Tot)  
[Name] None given  

John Osborn attorney of Kean B. Osborn (absent in England) prop. Inferred to be Painters. A corresponding entry in 1821 [T71/246 pp. 557-563] for Gunthorpe's shows 103 enslaved people had been sold to Kean B. Osborn, 'the number transferred with Paynter's.' It appears therefore that Kean Brown Osborn bought Painters or Paynters from the Gunthorpe family who had held it since 1735 (and in 1789 conveyed it to James Gordon) according Vere Langford Oliver History of Antigua Vol II pp. 38-39.

T71/246 535-537
[Number of enslaved people] 203(Tot)  
[Name] None given  

Kean B. Osborn proprietor. The estate(s) is/are not named but in his sworn statement Osborn referred to 'Honey and Congo Sally absconded from Paynters prior to the purchase of that estate by me.' It seems likely that this entry covers both Orange Valley and Painters or Paynters which he appears to have purchased before the 1821 registration.

T71/248 616-620