Gamble's Estate, St Johns

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- 1779 [EY] → Owner
1771 [SY] - 1779 [EY] → Trust beneficiary
1779 [SY] - 1794 [EY] → Owner
Trust beneficiary
1794 [EA] - 1837 [EY] → Owner

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£1,996 4S 5D


Vere Langford Oliver History of Antigua Vol. II pp. 4-7 gives a 'Pedigree of Gamble' but with no detail of the presumably eponymous estate beyond a mortgage by Hon. George Gamble of Gambles 17/06/1710 to Governor Parke for £6000.

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[Name] Gamble's  

By an indenture of 29th and 30th March 1771 [Close Roll, 11 Geo. III Part 9 Nos. 15, 16 and 17] John Halliday of Antigua agreed with his son John Delap Halliday to bar and destroy the entail on Delap's estate (left under the will of Francis Delap of 1763 to John Halliday as tenant-for-life and then to John Delap Halliday), and to settle in trust for the benefit of John Delap Halliday and his wife Lady Jane Tollemache the Delap's, Gambles, Glanvilles and Lavicounts estates to secure an annuity of £1400 p.a. for John Delap Halliday and £1000 p.a. to his widow in lieu of dower.

Vere Langford Oliver 'Histroy of Antigua' Vol. II pp. 43-48.
[Number of enslaved people] 165(Tot)  
[Name] Gamble's  

Thomas Norbury Kerby as attorney of John Richard Delap Halliday. No estate is given but in his sworn confirmation Kerby described the enslaved people as belonging to the estates called Gambles.

T71/245 159-163
[Number of enslaved people] 155(Tot)  
[Name] Gamble's  

William Bertie Wolseley attorney of John Richard Delap Halliday proprietor (Gamble's is identified p. 311).

T71/247 308-311
[Number of enslaved people] 152(Tot)  
[Name] Gamble's  

William Bertie Wolseley attorney of John Richard Delap Tollemache proprietor of Gamble's estate.

T71/248 790-793
[Number of enslaved people] 145(Tot)  
[Name] Gamble's  

William Bertie Wolseley attorney of John Richard Delap Tollemache proprietor. The estate is identified as Gamble in the affidavit.

T71/249 686-688
[Number of enslaved people] 118(Tot)  
[Name] Gambles  

Meade Home Daniell attorney of John Richard Delap Tollemache proprietor. Identified as Gambles in the affidavit.

T71/250 644-646