Unknown, but probably Salt Pond Hut Pen

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1823 [EA] - → Previous owner
1823 [EA] - → Lessee
1823 [EA] - → Lessee
1826 [EA] - 1829 [LA] → Lessee
1826 [EA] - 1829 [LA] → Previous owner

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£364 1S 9D


Probably Salt Pond Hut Pen (rather than Salt Pond Flat Pen as appears in the transcription of the compensation records).

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[Number of enslaved people] 24(Tot) 12(F) 12(M)  
[Name] [no name given]  

In the possession of James Seton Lane and John Alves as joint tenants of the heirs of Joseph Backeridge. 11 enslaved people purchased since 1820 and returned in the last register by James S. Lane receiver of the estate of James McIntosh and John Moffatt, James Tulloh and Edward Sword as executors of James Kerr deceased.

T71/4 632
[Number of enslaved people] 22(Tot)  
[Name] [no name given]  

In the possession of Peter Mackie and the Est. of John Alves Deced as joint tenants to the Heirs of Mis Buckeridge. Returned by J. S. Lane in 1823, since then he has transferred his interest in them to Peter McKie.

T71/6 324
[Number of enslaved people] 23(Tot)  
[Name] [no name given]  

In the possession of Peter Mackie and the Est of John Alves Esq deceased as joint tenants to the heirs of Mrs Catherine Buckeridge.

T71/7 160