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1826 [EA] - 1826 [LA] → Owner
1826 [EA] - 1826 [LA] → Owner


NB that there is overlap between the following plantations, all in Christ Church: BA605, Lowland; BA12877, Walkes Plantation; BA12873, Unknown name. This also appears to be distinct from Walkes plantation BA12899 - but they may be the same.

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Return of John Higginson, his own property. No previous return. Evidently, Higginson bought the enslaved and then sold them as follows:
Previously registered in St Michael's parish: 2; sold to William Reece: 47; sold to Rev. John Frere Pilgrim: 1; births: 3. Those sold (in total 48) were sold to William Oxley, Master in Chancery who then sold them to Reece and Pilgrim.
Note that the 1826 Return also shows that William Reece had purchased 48 enslaved from John Higginson but then sold them to James Bascom. There were also enslaved who were included in the return for the Pilgrim estate. (See also the return of James Bascom in 1826.] T71/536, pp. 149-50.

T71/536 81