Langford's [also given as Pope's Head]

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1796 [SY] - → Trust beneficiary

James Langford Nibbs by his will dated 1792 and proved 01/06/1796 left his estates of Popes Head and Haddons or Weeks's (subject to £150 p.a. to his eldest son James Langford Nibbs junior) to his children, including the Rev. George Nibbs, Richard Nibbs, Samuel Nibbs and Barbara Nibbs. By 1806, only Rev. George Nibbs and Barbara Nibbs were still alive, and the two created a new trust with Humphrey Gilbe as trustee for both estates, possibly as a prelude to selling at least Popes Head.

- 1796 [LA] → Owner
1796 [EA] - → Trust beneficiary
1817 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Owner

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£3,701 14S 4D

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[Number of enslaved people] 293(Tot)  
[Name] Pope's Head  

Thomas Hardman atty to Peter Langford Brooke proprietor his Pope's Head estate. [cf the 1817 entry for Stephen Blizard's estate, which appears to identify it presumably incorrectly as Pope's Head].

T71/245 434-441
[Number of enslaved people] 283(Tot)  
[Name] Popeshead  

John Collins attorney to Peter Langford Brook proprietor his Popeshead estate

T71/246 119-126
[Number of enslaved people] 281(Tot)  
[Name] Langford's  

John Billinghurst acting attorney to Peter Langford Brooke Esq. proprietor Plantation Langford's

T71/248 37-42
[Number of enslaved people] 258(Tot)  
[Name] Popeshead  

John Collins acting attorney to Peter Langford Brooke prop. Popeshead Estate

T71/249 26-31
[Number of enslaved people] 295(Tot)  
[Name] Popeshead estate called Langfords  

John Collins attorney to Peter Langford Brooke proprietor Popeshead estate called Langford's.

T71/250 34-39